Past Title

This is the introduction page of the Maganomoto.

What is the Maganomoto?

3D Action Kachiguri game.




Let’s talk step by step. The game was originally a team battle.

The title at that time was the Namasu.

What is the person behind you doing?


There were many problems, so I made a 3D model by myself.

The title of this time was the Kachiguri.


My old sister is on the screen!


There was something I thought in various ways,

and I changed from a team battle to a stage system.



When I tried to create a dedicated game site,

I could not get web site domain. As a result of thinking variously,

it became the title the Maganomoto.


The Maganomoto is currently being development.

I’m trying something a lot.

Buried in the ground…


Various problems were found at the time of the Kachiguri.

I try variously as the measure, but I have lost sight of the current direction.

You pick up chestnuts in the fire.


You are submerged in water…

I have lost sight of the current direction.


In this way, The Maganomoto is development now.

This site is a blog that posts the development status. To keep my motivation.

Are you provoking me?