Traial Ver 0.1.2

Updated the trial version.




The previous title screen is this.

The screen is a little gorgeous.



I remade the stage.

It seems after destroying the world.

I noticed the cause after reset stage data.
The original data was updated and could not be restored.

What about backups?

There was no problem because I remade the stage.



This is a new version. Created a tutorial stage.

Why did you step on me?

The image is small…

This image is close to 8MB in size.

You should make a video.



A new version will be released soon.

Highlight is The difference between a home-built building and a borrowed building…

please stop.

I tried to fix the texture and resisted it, but the original model seems to have not helped.

It seems to have become a deceive by matching colors.

It seems to be crafted so that the buildings do not line up.

stop talking.

I will update the game content description next time…